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Implemented Programs

Many programs across the nation have been implemented at various levels to include children with disabilities in the outdoors. 



Florida Adaptive Golf

This is a program that works to modify the game of golf for people with any form of disability, including wheelchairs. It was originally designed to keep golfers in the sport as they age. Since the beginning the program has been expanded to offer lessons for children and golfers of all ages. Modifications include the use of tennis balls and velcro targets for those who have trouble with fine motor skills. What began in the town of Sarasota, has now expanded to the towns of; Tampa, Charlotte, Miami, Tarpon Springs, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Palm Beach.


Victory Bible Church

This church has designed a room for people with disabilities to allow for care during masses. Sitting through a church service can be extremely challenging for many people with disabilities. This room is designed with calming colors and engaging activities so guardians can participate in mass and not have to worry.



Special Needs Youth Sportsmen

This program allows for children with disabilities to participate in fishing and hunting, in an otherwise exclusive sport. Volunteers assist with teaching the children how to shoot, do archery, fish, and participate in nature walks.


MonTech is an organization located on the University of Montana's campus. It provides free rentals for equipment assisting those with disabilities to any Montana resident. There are also many other support programs offered through MonTech.

Eagle Mount

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